Stream! Late Night Venture – Pioneers of Spaceflight (entire album)

We have something really good for you from our inbox / Copenhagen. They are giant bicycles! called Late Night Venture, and they are a post-rock band in the mold of God is an Astronaut. They just released an album called Pioneers of Spaceflight (which might’ve been a scary mission to be a part of) and you can get it on iTunes, Amazon or their Bandcamp page. You know the drill.

Late Night Venture

Looking at the camera is optional

Like all good post-rock bands, Late Night Venture rarely features vocals, instead letting their guitars and multitude of guitar effects and layers do the talking for them. Often upbeat, dynamic, repetitive as the genre demands yet building to a climax, Late Night Venture are another great entry into the increasingly crowded post-rock field. Make your ears happy and give their album a listen.

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