A Beer Can Keyboard – A Must for Bloggers Like Me

I often drink beer when writing my (mainly incomprehensible) posts. But what if my keyboard was made of beer cans? Let’s just say that nothing would get written, ever. At the recent Webstock conference in my new favourite country, Romania, a keyboard filled with Staropramen – the Prague-based beer company (and event sponsor) – was unveiled (via Digital Trends). They called it the Beer-Cans Keyboard, but I blame the lack of beers for the lack of originality in the name.

beer keyboard (via Robotfun.ro)

My keyboard would be missing several letters. Okay, ALL of the letters

The beerboard (my name, not theirs, but equally unoriginal) had an Arduino single-board microcontroller, a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, other things that I don’t understand, and beer – which I understand quite well. The idea is that the user presses on the unopened beer can and the letter will show up on the display. The beerboard is quite big, due to all of the giant cans of Staropramen.

How is that for motivation to write that final paper or essay quickly? When you’re done, you can dismantle your keyboard, chug some beers, and then dismantle your house (and maybe your life). Check out a video of the beerboard in action, and check out Robofun’s website for more cool stuff.

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