Morning Music Notes – You Really Should Listen to the New GY!BE Album

Stream the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor Album

There’s a moral grey area when it comes to embedding album streams onto a site. Websites claim they have the ‘exclusive’ first listen, and I don’t actually know whether they pay the bands or the bands pay the big sites. However, the problem for these exclusive listens is that anyone can view the Page Source and copy the embed code, and claim it as their own (with a friendly link back to the source). This is what happened with Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s new album, Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! The Guardian has the exclusive first listen, so we’ll link to them for your listening pleasure. The song contains a couple of 20-minute songs, and a couple of 6-minute songs.

The songs have that classic, GY!BE drone of sounds, with eerie and skittish strings playing and hovering around a tune, wanting to break through, but focusing on distorting the mood just a little longer. It’s new Godspeed You! Black Emperor tracks – need I say more? Pop over to the Guardian to give it a listen, and look out for it next week online and in stores.

British Man Jailed for Facebook Post

People need to learn that you can’t be an obnoxious asshole and hide behind your computer screen any more. If you’re racist, homophobic, or all around scum of the Earth on Twitter or Facebook, you will get caught (as you should). A British youth has been jailed for 12 weeks for making comments about two missing children (via Digital Trends). He made some ‘jokes’ about the recently missing 5 year old girl, April Jones, as well as Madeleine McCann, who went missing from Portugal in 2007.

The 19 year old man, Matthew Woods, made comments such as “Who in their right mind would abduct a ginger kid?” as well as more sexual jokes. People were outraged and about 50 people actually went to Woods’ house to demand an apology! Woods initially said his account was hacked, but then admitted his comments got out of hand. He will now face 12 weeks in jail. Be careful what you say on social networks (and powerful music blogs).

First a Like Button, Now a Want Button on Facebook

Facebook introduced their now famous Like button only 3 years ago to great success. They are now testing a Want button for retailers to determine demand for certain retail products (via Slashgear). There will also be a Collect button being tested by Facebook on small retailers. I think we’re one step away from a Buy It Now button, aren’t we?

Watch Another New Green Day Video

Green Day Dos

One down, two to go. Green Day have just released ¡Uno!, with ¡Dos! following on November 13. Green Day have announced the tracklisting for ¡Dos!, and you can see it below.

1. See You Tonight
2. Fuck Time
3. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4. Lazy Bones
5. Wild One
6. Makeout Party
7. Stray Heart
8. Ashley
9. Baby Eyes
10. Lady Cobra
11. Nightlife
12. Wow! That’s Loud
13. Amy

The band also have a video for Troublemaker (named after me, clearly) from ¡Uno! The video is a mix of live footage and studio footage. The song is pretty straightforward and – surprise – sounds like a Green Day song. Check it out below.

Green Day – Troublemaker

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