Blur Aren’t Done Just Yet, Announce More Shows in 2013

Everything thought Blur’s Hyde Park show might be the final bow from the long-running English band. Well, everyone – you’re wrong! Blur have confirmed that they are playing the Primavera festival in both Barcelona, Spain on May 24, Porto, Portugal on May 31, and the Rock Werchter festival during its July 4-7, 2013 slot (via NME). Blur mentioned on their Facebook page, “Thank you for waiting… Rock Werchter is about to announce that Blur will headline next July. We’re excited.. hope to travel in 2013 to play to more of our lovely fans who we haven’t seen for a while. Don’t know where yet, we’ll tell as soon as we do..”

So what about a new album, lads? We know that they have new material they’ve played before.

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