Have Kids Learned Nothing? Teens Break into House, Party, and Tag Themselves on Facebook

If you’re going to do something illegal and brag about it to your friends, do it verbally, or show them the pictures in person. Don’t tag you and your super smart buddies on Facebook – this leads to criminal charges. This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, but some kids are being sought after breaking into a family’s home while they were away and partying in their house (via Crave).

The thing is, the kids would’ve totally gotten away with the crime, as the family didn’t even notice anything was wrong or missing. They only noticed several months after the fact when they recognized the house in the Facebook pictures. NBC has the full story in the video below. They oddly note that the kids of the household weren’t invited to the party, and they were even out of town. If the kids were invited to the party, then it’s not breaking and entering at all – it’s a good, old fashioned ‘party while our parents are away’ kind of party. I also like how their closing message is “don’t tag yourself on Facebook.” Shouldn’t they be telling you not to be doing illegal things to begin with?!

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