Morning Music Notes – It Pays to Suck

Adam Yauch Lyric Skateboard to Be Auctioned Off

The recently deceased MCA from the Beastie Boys is still helping out charities from beyond the grave, because he’s that nice. Adam Yauch wrote out the lyrics to Bodhisattva Vow across three different skateboards, which will be auctioned off as part of the Tony Hawk Foundation (via Billboard). The boards are each signed and dated Adam Yauch March 15, 2012.

Other rock stars approached were Paul McCartney and Tom Petty, both of who would be more suited to wheelchairs than skateboards. McCartney wrote out the lyrics to the Beatles song Blackbird, while Petty wrote out the lyrics for I Won’t Back Down. The money raised will go towards funding skateparks in low-income communities. The organizers did not know Yauch’s condition when they asked him, noting they wouldn’t have asked had they known. The money from Yauch’s items will benefit a skatepark in New York City, where the Beastie Boys are from.

Fiona Apple Arrested for Drug Possession

Oh dear. Just as she was re-emerging back in the spotlight after releasing an album, Fiona Apple has hit headlines for another reason – drug possession. Those paparazzi kings, TMZ, have all the news, and report that she was arrested at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas for possession of hashish. TMZ also notes that Snoop Dogg/Lion, Willie Nelson, and Armie Hammer have all been arrested there for drugs in the past. Do your research, folks! The punchlines write themselves when you have a song called Criminal. Check out the mug shot that TMZ also managed to nab.

Fiona Apple-mug-shot (via TMZ)

One Direction are Rich Motherfuckers

It seems being a cheesy boy band has its perks. British Boy band, One Direction, have already conquered America, landing a number 1 album. The boy have apparently make a whopping £100 million ($160 million CDN/US) in the past two years (via NME). It sounds like I should stop blogging, get in shape, learn to sing, get some plastic surgery, and get 10 people to help me write a song. The news was mentioned in Simon Cowell’s latest biography, as One Direction were runners up in his X Factor ‘talent’ TV show.

Using Siri to Update the Facebook Status of Your Friends

If I had some friends, I would totally be all over this prank. The iPhone’s virtual assistant, Siri, can now do more things with iOS 6, such as find some fucked up maps, or tell you sports scores. Let me guess – the Maple Leafs lost again? Siri can now also update your Facebook status. She can also do this from the lock screen, where one would normally need to enter a passcode to be able to use the phone. “I just had my phone stolen by the person updating my status using Siri. Burn.”

You can fix this by making Siri inaccessible in the lock screen, by searching around in some menus that I’m too lazy to tell you precisely where they are. Ask Siri.

Listen! Why? – Strawberries

With a band name of Why?, all of your song titles become that much more awesome if you pretend they are the answers to the question. Why? Strawberries! The band Why? are about to give us Mumps (the album, hopefully not the disease, too) and have just given us the song Strawberries. The pop song is complete with xylophone, some strings and pianos, and some clapping – what’s not to like? Check it out below.

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