Morning Music Notes – Pirate Hunting

Mum Confirms Arctic Monkeys New Album Rumour

Strangely the other night, #ArcticMonkeys5thAlbum started trending on Twitter. I scoured the Internet for information, but thought it was just someone having a laugh. It turns out it was initially tweeted by @ArcticMonkeysUS, who claimed to have intimate (read: sexual) knowledge of the situation. It has now been confirmed by drummer Matt Helder’s mother – Arctic Monkeys are recording their fifth album (via Gigwise).

The band only just released the excellent Suck It and See last year. The gang are back out in the desert on the west coast of America, and might be re-teaming with Queens of the Stone Age singer, Josh Homme, who helped out on their third album. Either way, it’ll likely be a damn good album.

Indie Label Goes After Illegal File Sharers

Century Media, take note. Lars Ulrich and the Metallica gang went after Napster about 10 years ago, making no friends or fans in the process. Now, indie label Century Media have gone after about 7,500 people for sharing albums of two of their artists (via Digital Music News). The lawsuits are only targeting the IP addresses of file sharers for now, with 4,327 sought for sharing Iced Earth and 3,136 people sought for sharing Lacuna Coil.

Label representative, Jay McDaniel, spoke to and said “What many people don’t understand is that it’s the distribution that’s the evil influence. It does the real damage and harm, not just to the client but to the culture industry, and to creative endeavours in general. This kills the little producer and it has an extremely destructive effect on the entertainment industry. Record sales don’t drive the music business any more – touring does. So illegal sharing of music on the internet has killed an entire industry.”

Barely anyone will see your band if they don’t know your music though. So if they discover you via Spotify and you get that small percentage of 1 cent, or if they share it and discuss it online via piracy, does it really matter? I’m not saying piracy is necessarily good, but it goes against the argument presented in my opinion. Interesting to see if the bands agree with the pirate hunt.

Liam Gallagher Causing Trouble in Spain

Football (read: soccer in North America) fans were treated to a fantastic match last night between Real Madrid and visitors Manchester City. Both Noel and Liam Gallagher famously support Man City, with Liam hanging with Maradona in Manchester watching his son-in-law play, while Noel did the FA Cup draw with Serge from Kasabian earlier this year. Liam got a little too excited last night, after Manchester City went up 2-1, and was grabbed by policemen and told off (via NME). Oh no, not told off! He should’ve told him to make a good Beady Eye record instead.

Patrick Carney Weds a Woman, Offends His Drumsticks

Although this isn’t too noteworthy (much like the above story), I thought groupies (such as myself) should know – the Black Keys’ drummer, Patrick Carney, is married (via Billboard). He married Emily Ward at their Nashville home. Awesomely though, comedian Will Forte was the officiant. Singer Dan Auerbach attended, but couldn’t crack a wedding party role. This is Patrick Carney’s second marriage. His ex-wife wrote an extensive essay on about the demise of their relationship. It’s a pretty interesting read for fans of the Black Keys.

Watch! Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love

Hopefully Rich wasn’t saving this for his Weekend Music, as he has featured TEED beforetwice, actually. The latest video from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is Your Love, off of Trouble.

The dance song features a pulsating beat, with a female vocalist, while the video features some panda bear toys and art, shots of nature, and other shots from the country of randomness that is Japan. Check it out and turn it up.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love

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