Morning Music Notes – When Two is Not Enough

Coachella Festival is Looking to Expand to FIVE Weekends

Coachella famously expanded their festival from one amazing weekend to back to back weekends this year, in its annual April festival in the California desert. Not happy with two weekends, promoters Goldenvoice are proposing to expand to a whopping five weeks (via Hollywood Reporter). Pretty sure this is considered milking the cow dry. Part of the magic of a festival is the exclusivity of it. If there was a festival every weekend, who the fuck would care?

The documents were submitted to the city of Indio, where the festival takes place. An environmental study is being done to see the impact of five annual concert through to 2030 would have in the area. Three concerts would take place on consecutive weekends in the spring, while two would happen in the fall. To me, 1 in the spring and 1 in the fall makes sense. Bands have different touring and album release schedules, and this way you could have 2 great festivals in the same location with the usual quality that Coachella brings, without it being too much. The festival is also hoping to expand from 95,000 to 99,000 people, and increase the acreage from 535 to 601.

Russian Prime Minister Urges Release of Pussy Riot

Just to avoid confusion, Russia has both a prime minister and a president. President Vladmir Putin is the one that Pussy Riot were speaking out against in their punk prayer. Dmitry Medvedev is the Russian Prime Minister, and he has stated that the three Pussy Riot members in jail should be freed (via Guardian). However, Pussy Riot have distanced themselves from his comments, noting that Medvedev tries to appeal to a liberal demographic and doesn’t follow through on results.

“The prolongation of their incarceration in the conditions of jail seems to me to be unproductive,” Medvedev said. “A suspended sentence, taking into account time they have already spent [in jail], would be entirely sufficient.”

Three of the band’s members are currently in prison, with the appeal starting October 1. Free Pussy Riot!

30 Rock has “Gone Google”

Google are ramping up their “Go Google” campaign, which isn’t as rah rah as it sounds. They are trying to get businesses and the like to see that Microsoft Word isn’t the be all, end all, and that you can easily collaborate online with Google. They are also trying to build their Google+ brand, in conjunction with the Hangout conference feature, mixed with integration with Google Calendars. They really do do it all! Anyway, check out the 30 Rock ad below (with no actual cast members), which shows the gang brainstorming the latest TGS script online.

Listen! DIIV – How Long Have You Known (Moons美愛Version)

Yes, I had to copy and paste those Japanese characters. Hopefully you’ve listened to the DIIV song, How Long Have You Known. Well, now you can listen to the remix by Moons, who I know absolutely nothing about. The song takes on a completely different feel, sounding like slow electronic, mixed with a moody, layered track. Check it out below (via Chart Attack).

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