Sunday Morning Coming Down with Wendy René

Get to know some classic soul this Sunday.

Born Mary Frierson, Wendy René originally performed with her brother Johnny (among others) in a group called The Drapels, on Stax Records.

The Drapels signed a deal with Stax Records in 1963, but the label saw fame in Mary Frierson as a solo artist, and took her from The Drapels. She took the stage name Wendy René – Wikipedia says the name was given to her by Otis Redding…

The Drapels started making music without Wendy René, and released the excellent Wondering When My Love Is Coming Home. Stax Records, legend has it, ignored this release completely, choosing instead to focus on Wendy René’s release After Laughter (comes tears)… a song originally written and recorded by The Drapels.

Frustration boiled over, and The Drapels broke up, leaving the music business entirely. All that was left, was this:

…and yes – you DO recognize that organ sample.

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