Listen! Jonny Greenwood – Application 45 Version 1

Good news, Jonny Greenwood fans. He’s not dead! I’m not sure why you might’ve thought he was dead, but he’s alive. And he’s scored the soundtrack to Paul Thomas Anderson’s new flick, The Master. You can now listen to a track, called Application 45 Version 1. Yup, I don’t get the name either.

The orchestral track reminds me of tracks off of Jonny Greenwood’s Bodysong, with it’s distinct, almost staccato percussion against the long string sounds. Check it out below.

Jonny Greenwood – Application 45 Version 1

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  1. 2012/09/12

    […] new Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman movie, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. If the track Application 45 Version 1 intrigued you, be sure to stream the entire album below. 11 of the tracks are original […]