If an iPhone is Dropped 1,000 Feet, Does Anyone Care?

Earlier this year, we showed you a ridiculous Extreme Edge case built for the iPad, which enabled it to survive a 100,000 foot drop. Seems practical. Not happy with a case just for high flying iPad users, G-Form have developed a case for the iPhone that has survived an 1,000-foot free-fall from a BASE jumper in a wingsuit (via Crave). All of this begs the question why, but I’m not in marketing or case-making, so I’ll leave it to the experts.

The jumper in the promo video is Gary Connery, who likes to jump out of helicopters at Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Gary and his buddies jumped off the Eiger in Switzerland, and then they had the not-so impromptu idea of dropping iPhones from 1,000 feet high. And since they have the G-Form case, the phones survived, right? I don’t like spoiling things for people, but let me remind you that this is a promo video for the product, so…. Nevermind the fact that it didn’t land on concrete or asphalt, but some nice, soft pillows grass.

If you like demonstration videos and if you see yourself dropping your iPhone from 1,000 feet or less from the ground, then this case is for you! But fuck the G-Form case – I want to buy a Wingsuit now!

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