Listen! Green Day – Kill the DJ

Green Day are about to release three albums in a 6 month period, which is good, because some of their fans will only like about 1/3 of their music. For those who have heard leaked singles, live shows, or official singles, the reaction has ranged from pumped up to pissed off.

Their latest (leaked – oops) track is one likely destined to be played on the radio until you want to drive off the road to end the madness. It’s called Kill the DJ and is off of the first of the three albums, appropriately named ¡Uno! The song is a pop number that is pretty straight forward, and not quite so over the top like recent efforts. I’m not sure I understand the lyrics, but I think Billie Joe Armstrong wants someone to shoot the DJ. Why – because he’s playing pop crap and not real punk? I hope that hurt, Billie Joe. Try comforting yourself with your millions of dollars, earned from your 11 year old fans.

Green Day – Kill the DJ

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