Weekend Music – We could not possibly know any less about Kyodai

So, we heard this amazing track from a group named Kyodai… Beyond hearing the song play, we could find absolutely nothing to say about them…

Resident Advisor says Kyodai are from the USA, and links to a Soundcloud page that says Kyodai is from London UK. Their Facebook page has absolutely no information on them, and includes this no-possible-information-here photo:

We’re pretty sure it’s Kevin Costner & Jeff Goldblum

They have released a few tracks on Sweden’s Local Talk Records, and a few on East London’s Muak Music.

Then, we thought there may be some clue in their name… Wiktionary says there are 2 definitions for Kyodai:

  1. The brothers. They are high in rank in the yakuza clan. Their leader is the shatei gashira.
  2. State of giant

What gives? Neither of those make any sense at all!

So – to the best of our knowledge, Kyodai are Japanese Americans, making music in East London for a Swedish label, and are in a constant “state of giant.”

Whatever they are, this track is heavy. Crank it up and have a great weekend!

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