Crystal Castles Release New Song, Album to Follow in September

Yes, Internet snobs, I’m a couple days late with this news, which in today’s world means it’s unworthy of posting. But I’ve been busy watching Olympic events while you work away at your job and try to pass the time on this blog, so I win, right? Answer: no.

Toronto’s own Crystal Castles are about to release their third album, which is due out in September (via NME). One of the two band members, Ethan Kath, has an awesome quote. In speaking to NME, he says “There’s no departure. We like how we sound. We don’t wanna change”. Well said!

Singer Alice Glass also commented, saying “There’s lots of themes, but feeling, like, oppressed…A lot of things not personally happening to us, since the past record, but people we know kind of profoundly influenced everything. Like, I didn’t think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it just…the world is a dystopia. I’m on step away from being a vigilante. I’ve thought about it”.

Forget the next Batman movie – we need an Alice Glass movie, pronto! Listen to the “familiar” sounding Crystal Castles song, Plague, down below.

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