Google Street View: Now in the Antarctic

One of my goals in life is to stop getting beaten up by 10 year old kids for my lunch money. Another is to visit all 7 continents, including Antarctica. Google Street View has helped me avoid my goals, by adding pictures of Antarctica (via Digital Trends). Is there anywhere they can’t go? Yes – the centre of the universe – for now. We can now see inside the huts that were used in the early 20th century by explorers. There is also an amazing panoramic feature that lets you scroll around.

Unlike most Google Street View images, (perhaps obviously) a car with a camera wasn’t used to capture the images. They used a team of dog sleds instead A tripod with a fisheye lens was used, which is the same things used for their indoor business photo program. Check out a video of the program, and then scroll around in Google underneath the video and admire all the awesome penguins.

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