Watch! Cora Kim – Lost in a Pool

Do you like electronic beats and Asian pop (and I don’t mean soda pop, like Bubble Man)? If so, you might want to check out Cora Kim, an indie artist from Montreal. Her self titled debut album is out, and you can stream the whole thing over at her website. But why would you stream the whole thing when you don’t know what it sounds like yet? That’s what I’m here for (that, and eating obscene amounts of gummi bears). Below we’ve posted the very cool video for Cora’s song, Lost in a Pool.

Cora’s vocals burst through the blips and beeps of the slow song. Visually, the video is quite slick, featuring well-executed computer animations and transitions that fit well with the song, showcasing vivid colours that exude the warmth of the song. How is that for a pretentious sentence? Even I hate myself for writing it. I’ll make it up to you by finishing up my typing and letting your ears hear the Cora Kim song, Lost in a Pool. Enjoy.

Cora Kim – Lost in a Pool

Cora Kim – Lost in a pool from Xuan Pham on Vimeo.

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