Watch! The Shins – It’s Only Life

It turns out The Shins make new music videos about as often as Pete uses his passport. A new video has been produced for the song It’s Only Life (via

This is a charming little video. It starts with a little kid and his dog touring around a forest. The kid has a baseball helmet with sticks on the top made to look like antlers, even the little dog is wearing a pair of stick ‘antlers’ (he looks just like Max the dog in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas). The kid and dog make their way into an abandoned, spooky town. The ending is kind of cute, even though you find out the planet is apparently being harvested by giant, black, creepy, white-eyed alien-beings that resemble those scary imaginary monsters in that dumb movie The Village. Check it out and find out what’s the story with the antlers. Also, check out PHM’s collection of Shins material here.

The Shins – It’s Only Life

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