Listen! The Kills – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Yet another Fleetwood Mac cover song has been released off the upcoming tribute album called Just Tell Me That You Want Me. At this rate, we’ll probably hear the entire album for free before it’s released August 14th. We’ve already heard cover songs by MGMT, Lykke Li, Best Coast, and Karen Elson. Now comes The Kills version of Dreams, arguably Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hit ever (via

If you’ve ever listened to classic rock radio, you’ve likely heard Stevie Nicks singing Dreams (some of you younger readers may be saying, “WTF is radio?” or “WTF is Stevie Nicks?”). The song is off the album Rumours, which is still one of THE biggest selling albums of all-time. Here we get The Kills take on the classic track. This version has the typical stripped-down sound of The Kills, with the duo still sounding cool (as usual) in the process. Have a listen:

The Kills – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

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