Watch! Bloc Party – Octopus

Hooray – a new video from Bloc Party. We were teased a part of this song in the Four album teaser trailer, and now we get the whole thing. The whole thing is Octopus, which has 8 arms – JUST LIKE THE 4 MEMBERS of Bloc Party. Yup, I look real deep for song meanings.

The re-united Brit rockers are back with their first single off their new disc, Four. The single is out on July 11, and the album is out August 19/20. The song has the driving rock that made Bloc Party so great on Silent Alarm. The song features some 70s-styled hair metal riffs at one point, with Kele singing a falsetto of sorts during some of the verses. Check out the hyper video below.

Bloc Party – Octopus

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  1. 2012/07/30

    […] Bloc Party. It’s called London Olympic Games Day Four, and is a much slower song than our first taste of the album, Octopus. The song features some pleasant guitar effects, and even some horns, and at times evokes memories […]