RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest Day 4 – by the numbers

Tonight’s Main Stage Headliner: Iron Maiden

Band 1: The first band we saw today was an up-and-comer called ‘Alice Cooper‘. I think this guy is going to be pretty successful! Although his stage and light show would probably look a bit more sinister in the DARK – the sunlight made for an interesting Alice Cooper experience.

In all seriousness, though, for a guy who has been doing this as long as Alice Cooper, pretty amazing that he is still bringing it every night. Very good band behind him, too.

Number of Jamieson’s & Cokes Mustard Pimp consumed during his set: 3 (by my count). The French producer also brought some serious heat, and grew the number of people watching him from a handfull to a full dancefloor – which is pretty much the only way to judge a DJ. Nice job.

180 degrees from Mustard Pimp: New Orleans’ Lynn Drury was on the next stage over from Mustard Pimp – playing classic rock and roll – songs about eating watermelons and having fun. In fact, there was a bunch of strange soundclashes tonight – with Iron Maiden raising beasts on the main stage, and Christian Rock group Downhere playing songs about heaven on the next stage. Bizarre – but something for everyone tonight.

Percent that The Bright Light Social Hour “gave it”: 110%. We had not heard about these guys, and they blew us away. Their musical style is amazingly described as ‘muscular’ – obvious comparisons to The Black Crowes, but these guys rock way harder. Loved it.

Iron Maiden by the numbers:

  • Minutes into the show that the band actually appears and starts to play: 5
  • Minutes before the show that Iron Maiden fans were going nuts: 38
  • Cut up t-shirts, grey long hair/ponytails, home-made vests, and air-guitar playing: uncountable… and amazing.

Best show of the night: In our humble opinion, MSTRKRFT kicked ass tonight. We’ve seen these guys before, and the show was not bad, but not amazing. Tonight, the Electro stage was packed, hot, sweaty, and thumping. One of the best DJ performances we’ve ever seen, and a killer way to end another hot, sunny day at Bluesfest.

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  1. 2012/07/12

    […] Day 4: That was the day we went on and on about how great MSTRKRFT’s set was on the electro stage. But, it might have been eclipsed tonight by Russia’s DJ Arty. Tearing through HUGE electro (he had some spectacular remixes in his bag of tricks!), Arty whipped the crowd into frenzy after frenzy. Definitely a bunch of goosebump moments seeing this guy DJ. The only beats we saw tonight – but glad we caught Arty. […]