Watch! Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

The much-anticipated (not by me) new video from Lana Del Rey for the song National Anthem has finally arrived! For hipsters, this is their Christmas. This is the one where she is going to pretend she is Jackie O, while some dude I’ve never heard of (A$AP Rocky) plays JFK?? We’ve seen the video for Carmen, and now we get to watch the 7 minute-plus clip for National Anthem.

It starts off with Del Rey spoofing the famous incident when Marilyn Monroe (who was ‘nailing’ the president) sang happy birthday to JFK in front of a room full of people, including his wife. There are also scenes reminiscent of the JFK assassination (back, and to the left!). The video is shot to give everything the retro 60’s look. There’s a bunch of good-looking people living up the rich lifestyle. To me, this is another product designed to teach us that money and looks are everything, using the JFK angle to get attention and publicity. This just acts to distract from the real issue:Who killed JFK? Here’s the clip for National Anthem:

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

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  1. 2012/06/28

    […] seems like just yesterday we brought you the new Lana Del Rey video for the song National Anthem, featuring A$AP Rocky. Wait, it was yesterday! Well, it looks like those two are riding the […]