Watch! Baio – Sunburn Modern

Hey, it’s an artist named Baio. Here’s where I should do a Charles in Charge joke if you’re old, or a Joanie Loves Chachi joke if you’re older than that. In this case, we are talking about Vampire Weekend bass player Chris Baio. He has a new 3 song EP called Sunburn out now and also a new video for the tune Sunburn Modern (via

Considering the sunny humid heat wave that is currently gripping Southern Ontario, what a fitting time to watch a video for a song called Sunburn Modern. If anyone is outside today for more than five minutes, they will be getting a modern sunburn for sure.

When first seeing the video for this groovy dance number I think: hey, didn’t they make a movie in the 80’s like this? The vid features a female mannequin touring around the city and relaxing in a park where she meets Baio himself and romance ensues. I believe Baio is trying to help popularize the term “needs more kettle drum”. Have a look:

Baio – Sunburn Modern

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