Official Euro Football Songs Aren’t ALL Terrible, and Feature Granny Nuns!

EURO IS UPON US! The first match, between Poland and Greece, has kicked off this year’s Euro 2012 Championship in Poland and Ukraine. There have been a few lists floating around, such as the best football songs and what have you. But some nations have “official” Euro songs, which could be as bad as you picture it in your mind. At least we won’t have to hear that goddamn Shakira World Cup song this tournament.

Below are 4 official videos that I have picked out for your ears – and some of them don’t suck, as far as football anthems go. First up are the Irish, who know a thing or two about jigs. The song sounds stereotypically Irish, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The video is pretty good, too, and makes me want to drink (more) and watch some football.

And then we have the Russians. I’ll admit I have no clue what is being said, but the words “rock and rolla” are uttered, which is cool, right? The song sort of sounds like it was written during the Cold War, and the singing is less than inspiring. I can’t wait to see their Winter Olympic and World Cup Opening Ceremonies songs!

Next, I’ll feature the Polish Euro song, which is done by a bunch of old nuns (at least that’s how they are dressed)! Again, I don’t know what is being said, but if I was drunk, I would want to party. The song is called Koko Euro Spoko and is by Jarzebina. Can you say “number 1 hit”?

Lastly, we have the “official” UEFA Euro 2012 song, which is by Oceana and called Endless Summer. Shakira – I’ve heard of, so makes sense for the biggest sports tournament in the world. Euro, the 2nd or 3rd biggest sports tournament in the world, picks Oceana – never heard of her. Wikipedia (the world’s best source for misinformation) tells me that she is a German singer with one album to her name. Makes sense. And the song? Sounds pretty predictable, and Euro dancey, but not in a good way. And what does this have to do with football? Or is that what she is singing about?

Ireland’s Euro 2012 Song

Russia’s Euro 2012 Song

Poland’s Euro 2012 Song

UEFA Euro 2012 Song, Oceana – Endless Summer

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