Watch! Coldplay (featuring Rihanna) – Princess of China

Lost in the Diamond Jubilee excitement of this weekend was the fact that Coldplay unveiled a video for their own royalty themed song, Princess of China. The song and video feature Rihanna, and is not your typical Coldplay song, which might be why it’s so bloody good and catchy.

The video tries to make Chris Martin look like a badass, which is perhaps the funniest idea in the history of film. It also features him walking, which is a much different walk than he did for Yellow all those years ago. Things have changed since then for the band and Chris Martin. Rihanna wears clothes! And has normal coloured hair! The video even has a little Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-esque flying through the air styled fights. No, Chris Martin and Rihanna did not Romeo and Juliet themselves, to the dismay of many haters I’m sure. Check it out below.

Coldplay (featuring Rihanna) – Princess of China

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