Listen! Fiona Apple – Werewolf

Fiona Apple is releasing an album with a ridiculously long title. We heard her first song, which was a good one in Every Single Night. Her latest song from the album is Werewolf, and is inspired by a movie she had playing in the background, and her quest to replicate the screams.

She tells Pitchfork, “I liked it, but I couldn’t use it from the movie. I spent literally the next year trying to recreate that sound. I went to San Francisco for Halloween and I was hanging out in trolleys recording people screaming. I would walk past a bunch of drunk people and be like: ‘Hey, scream!’ But it would always sound wrong and stupid.”

Hopefully you are blown away by the screams (around the 2:10 mark). Listen to her new song, Werewolf, below, and check out the album on June 19.

Fiona Apple – Werewolf

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