Morning Music Notes – The Horror!

Pete Loves blood painting:
A bunch of “Pete Doherty is a genius” gear was sold at auction as a fundraiser for the seemingly excellent Amy Winehouse Foundation. One of the items sold was a painting called ‘Ladylike’, which includes a self-portrait by Amy Winehouse. The painting is made using blood and sweat. No – not figuratively… the painting is actually made using a technique Pete Doherty calls ‘arterial splatter’. It sold for £35,000… which is not bad for something that I recently heard described, “eeeewwww… that is totally gross!”

Ladylike by Pete Doherty

'Ladylike' by Pete Doherty - copyright The Cobb Gallery

Read more at The Guardian…

New digital camera from Leica:
Leica is releasing the new ‘it’ device for a mere $8,000. It’s a digital camera which is small enough to fit into just 2 hands! And you can look at all the photos you take on a screen in mind-blowing black-and-white!

Leica M-Monochrom

Get off the Leica M-Monochrom's lawn!

This is obviously a device designed for the hardcore. It has one of the best light sensors in the business, and according to DVICE, the absense of all the colour filters that YOUR camera uses, combined with Leica’s already-awesome filters = one of the top light sensing digital cameras on the market.

Follow-along with how to stage a gig:
If PeteHatesMusic gave you $250, would you be able to hold a gig and make a profit? The Observer asked the same question, and someone at The Guardian is taking them up on it, and will be blogging their progress… it’s like small gig apprentice!
Follow along at The Guardian…

Jay-Z to healine and curate summer festival:
Philadelphia will be hosting the Made in America festival this summer. The lineup will be chosen by Jay-Z, who will also headline. The festival lineup is expected to be announced later today. Sounds promising…
Via NME…

Spin explores Cuba – finds METAL!
An amazing read – Spin takes a look at ‘extreme metal’ in Cuba. Show me a group of pissed-off kids, and I’ll show you a kick-ass metal crowd.

Trailer: New Posthumus Album from J Dilla:
If you’re a fan of hip-hop, whether you know it or not, you’re a fan of J Dilla. This guy is secretly the greatest producer of them all, and died well before he was given the immense credit he deserved. This is a trailer for a new album – definitely a great pump-up for one of America’s great music cities.

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