Watch Before It Gets Taken Down: Beastie Boys Unreleased Clip from the Chappelle’s Show

Lots of Beastie Boys / MCA clips are making the rounds in tribute of the deceased rapper, reminding us just how awesome and legendary MCA was, in all walks of life. The Beastie Boys filmed a performance of The New Style, on a boat in New York City’s East River no less, for the third season of Chapelle’s Show. Why didn’t we get to see this? Because Dave Chappelle went crazy, fled to South Africa, and ended the show after 2 seasons. Actually, he did it for artist reasons, which you’ve got to respect, but it means we didn’t get to see this vintage clip.

The show’s co-creator, Neal Brennan, released the video for the first time on his YouTube page, but the clip is getting taken down from YouTube at lightning pace. Check it out while you can. I’ll try to keep a fressssssh one posted as they get reposted. Viacom – give up already – it’s free marketing for us to want to buy Chappelle’s Show DVDs!

UPDATE: 7:30pm BST / 2:30 pm Eastern – it’s down. Sorry kids.

(via Uproxx)

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