Morning Music Notes – Once the Wineskin Gets Drained, You Never Know What’s Going to Happen

Damon Albarn is Making Another Solo Album

Damon Albarn’s Dr. Dee opera soundtrack album is about to be released, but that hasn’t stopped him from announcing to BBC Radio 4 that he’s making a record under ‘his own name’ (via NME).

“This week we’re mucking around with these Russian synthesizers in a very loose mind of doing some kind of record under my name. I suppose you could call it a solo record, but I don’t like that word. It sounds very lonely – solo. I don’t really want to be solo in my life. But yeah, I’m making another record.”

If you don’t want it to be a solo record, I’ll pop by the studio and smash the cowbell for a bit. Blur are headlining a Hyde Park Olympic show, but that hasn’t stopped Damon from saying that the Olympics are ‘too corporate’.

“The corporate side I find a bit depressing. There’s too much of it [sponsorship]. A lot of people see it differently. We’re putting on another celebration for the official closure of the Olympic Games. But we’re putting it on for London and people who hopefully want to sing their hearts out in a park. I’m signed up to the idea of regeneration in London and putting on a good account of ourselves; definitely.”

When fast food chain, McDonalds, and cola company, Coke, are some of the main sponsors at an athletic competition, you’re damn right things are too corporate! Go write a song about it.

André 3000 to Play Jimi Hendrix in Biopic, All is By My Side

One half of Outkast, André 3000, will continue to not work on a new Outkast project and will continue his foray into acting, by playing Jimi Hendrix in a new film about the guitarist (via Pitchfork). The movie is called All is By My Side, and will begin shooting in Ireland in a few weeks. The film is rumoured to be about Hendrix’s time in England in 1966 (World Cup winners!) and 1967, when he wrote and recorded his first album, Are You Experienced. Instead, the film is actually about Hendrix’s love of British chocolate and how he had a famous chocolate factory, where children were dying to visit, and could if they got some kind of golden ticket. Actually, that sounds like a brilliant film – why has no one made a movie like this?!

More MCA Tributes, From Madison Square Gardens, Madonna, and Mike D

Those are 3 pretty famous New York M’s – Mike D, Madonna, and Madison Square Gardens. Mike D took to the Beastie Boys Facebook page, and showed a picture that was on the Madison Square Gardens screen during the Knicks and Heat playoff game. He also wrote: “I know, we should have tweeted and instagrammed every sad, happy and inspired thought, smile or tear by now. But honestly the last few days have just been a blur of deep emotions for our closest friend, band mate and really brother. I miss Adam so much. He really served as a great example for myself and so many of what determination, faith, focus, and humility coupled with a sense of humor can accomplish. The world is in need of many more like him. We love you Adam. BTW this photo sent to me by a friend, (thanks Saslow) is just one awesome example of how NYC is such a unique place that amidst it’s huge size and frenetic pace it really opens up it’s heart in so many ways and on on so many levels in times like these. And though it makes me cry sometimes, it has been really amazing and moving to see. Mike”

mca msg (via Beastie Boys Facebook page)

The Beastie Boys famously opened for Madonna back in 1985 for her Like a Virgin tour, terrifying the 13 year old female crowd, but wowing rock historians everywhere. Madonna paid tribute to Adam Yauch on her Facebook, supplying a great picture, and writing:

“The Beastie Boys were one of a kind!
And so was Adam!
They were all an important part of my musical history and integral to the musical revolution that was happening at the time.
I’m very sad to hear about Adam’s passing.
God bless him and his family” – Madonna

And that leads us to this picture, which cannot be described in words the levels of awesomeness.

madonna and beastie boys (via Madonna's Facebook page)

MCA – The Original Video Music Award Speech Wrecker

Remember how Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift and said that Beyonce should’ve won the Best Video award, and the universe, um, universally condemned his actions, and even had President Obama calling him a jackass? Well, no offense to Taylor Swift, but she’s not a music legend like Michael Stipe from REM – who DID get interrupted by MCA back in 1994. Always a pioneer, that Adam. Of course, Adam dressed up as his alter ego, Nathaniel Hornblower, and made some ridiculous statements before being led away. Still awesome, 18 years later. And no offense to the great video that is Everybody Hurts, but how the epic Sabotage didn’t win is CRIMINAL!

No Doubt To Release New Album in September

With all the Camden Crawl and MCA hubbub, I sort of missed this story – No Doubt will be releasing a new album on September 25, their first album since 2001 (via Yahoo). Since then, Gwen has been making solo albums and babies, while the other members pursued solo projects, and begged Gwen to sing in No Doubt again. The album is nameless, but apparently will contain tracks like “party-ready reggae blast” track “Steady Down” and ska-pop tune “One More Summer.” Sounds about right.

Watch! Dry the River – New Ceremony

Earlier this year, PeteHatesMusic caught Dry the River opening for the Jezabels. They have been hyped as some sort of Mumford and Sons-esque band, but I only see fleeting moments of the comparison. Dry the River have released their debut album, Shallow Bed, and have a video to go along with their new single, New Ceremony. You can check it out below.

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