What 300 Hours of Production Time Gets You: A One-Man Star Wars A Capella Theme Song

This should’ve been posted on Friday, which was May the 4th, which is ‘Star Wars Day’ to fans – May the Fourth Be With You and all that pun glory. But, it’s Monday the 7th, which doesn’t have a cool pun association, so deal with it. A man named Nick McKaig has song an a capella version of the famous Star Wars theme. But his version is much more than that, it is “(a) recording (that) is 100 percent vocals and 100 percent my own voice, including over 90 tracks and more than 300 hours of production time” (via Crave).

His girlfriend must be annoyed at the lack of quality time spent together. Pfft – what girlfriend?! But who wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend, when you actually see the video – the end result is pretty impressive. I’m both proud and ashamed to be posting this video, but let’s be honest, we all wish we were Nick McKaig (only because he’s featured on PeteHatesMusic, of course). You will have nightmares about this video.

Impressively (?!), he’s also done this for the Muppet Theme Song, Friends, Family Guy, and the Simpsons (amongst others). Check out the Simpsons video below, too, which is actually quite hilarious at times.

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