Watch! The Spring Standards – Only Skin

Yesterday, we were featured on the Guardian’s Blog Jam independent music blog segment. We had to name the one song that we couldn’t stop listening to. Of course, this is an impossible question for most music fans to answer, let alone a music blogger who sleeps with lots of women his iPod. The answer I gave on behalf of PeteHatesMusic was a song by The Spring Standards, Only Skin. The song is off of the double EP, yellow//gold, which is out today. Also out today is a video for the song we’re talking about, Only Skin. Watch it below, perhaps on loop, to experience what I have been the past month.

The Spring Standards – Only Skin

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2 Responses

  1. 2012/05/23

    […] Spring Standards released a double EP called yellow // gold. The EP produced the song Only Skin, which I had on loop for about 3 weeks straight (and we even name dropped it on our article in the […]

  2. 2012/07/19

    […] tune from the Spring Standards double EP, yellow // gold. The first track was the stunning Only Skin, which was followed by Watch the Moon Disappear (and I heeded their advice). The latest video is […]