Watch! Fan Made Video of Kanye West / DJ Khaled – Way Too Cold

A phenomenon on YouTube is a) people covering popular songs and hoping to get discovered or b) people making unofficial videos for popular songs, also hoping to get discovered, or even c) awesome cat videos (hey, cats need to get discovered, too). Some bands actually promote these cat fan videos and share them with on whatever social media devices they use (Friendster?). The latest of these comes in the way of the recent Kanye West / DJ Khaled tune Theraflu Way Too Cold. The video features a sort of Mini-Me version of Kanye West, with a ‘normal sized’ blonde at his side. The kid even lip-syncs along to the song, dropping a few words his parents wouldn’t like him to be saying.

Billboard notes the video is made by Ashley “Ash Innovator” Smith, and stars Caleb Harper as the young Kanye. I wonder if the people in the streets were wondering what the eff was going on, especially when the blonde sort of grinds next to the youngster. Check it out below.

Kanye West / DJ Khaled – Way Too Cold (Unofficial Video)

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