An EP and then an LP on the Way from Interpol’s Paul Banks

Interpol singer, Paul Banks, already has one solo album to his name. Well, not quite his name, as it was released as Julian Plenti. Now, the confusingly named man has announced a new EP, called Julian Plenti Lives…, which is a 5-song EP out on June 12 (via Pitchfork). Label Matador have also said that we can expect a full album from Paul Banks this fall, too. But what do they know?

The Matador press release tells us, “Centered around the beautiful, brooding “Summertime is Coming,” the EP also features an original instrumental, and three covers that illustrate the breadth of Paul’s muses – songs by J Dilla, Frank Sinatra, and Harold Faltermeyer (composer of the soundtrack to “The Running Man”).”

Julian Plenti EP (via Matador)

This….should be interesting. Listen to Games for Days, from the first Paul Banks album, Julian Plenti Is…Skyscraper, which starred Emily Haines from Metric.

Julian Plenti – Games for Days

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  1. 2012/06/26

    […] in April, PeteHatesMusic told you about the new EP, Julian Plenti Lives…, from Interpol’s Paul […]

  2. 2012/08/06

    […] these days, but lead singer Paul Banks is. He release an EP under his Julian Plenti name, called Julian Plenti Lives… Now, we have an announcement for a new album, called Banks (via Pitchfork). I’m not sure […]