Listen! The Mowgli’s – I’ve Been Around

The seven-piece California band, The Mowgli’s are all over the place in their song, I’ve Been Around. From an upbeat intro, to group choruses, parts made for crowd sing-alongs, call and response bridges, or the slower, acoustic parts, I’ve Been Around is not the most straightforward song. Fortunately, it doesn’t add up to a huge disaster – quite the opposite – it makes for a good listen. The band’s debut album, Sound the Drum, is out on May 1. Make your ears happy and give I’ve Been Around a listen, and you can even download the song.

The Mowglis (Photo credit - Dana Gluckstein)

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2 Responses

  1. 2012/05/02

    […] month, we posted the excellent I’ve Been Around, by California seven-piece band, The Mowgli’s. Yesterday (May Day, May Day!) saw the release […]

  2. 2012/10/16

    […] this year, we featured the Mowgli’s and their full album stream, including the track I’ve Been Around (named after some of my ex-girlfriends). The band must have an appetite for work, as they are […]