Stream! M. Ward – A Wasteland Compilation

M. Ward is an artist in his own right. However, his partnership with Zooey Deschanel in She & Him has lead many people to open articles about him as the “Him” in She & Him – I waited until sentence number two. However, M. Ward is about to release his eighth solo album, entitled A Wasteland Compilation. I guess doing side projections with Hollywood stars has its perks. And, to show he still likes her, Zooey Deschanel even features on one of the tracks, Primitive Girl.

You can stream the entire album below, and then decide whether to buy it, or wait for the next She & Him album (there is a next one, right?).

UPDATE: It appears the set got taken down. I’ll leave the ugly “Unavailable” box below, in case it resurfaces (like my acne).

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