Top 5 Thom Yorke Collaborations

Thom Yorke is the lead singer of Radiohead, and the guy I have the most fun stalking (note to police: I don’t have fun when I stalk him). He has embraced his electronica influences a little more the past decade, releasing a solo album which didn’t shy away from a bit of a non-Radiohead sound. He’s also been collaborating with various artists throughout his career.

PeteHatesMusic highlights the best 5 collaborations. It’s worth noting how different each of these collaborations are – Thom is truly a man of many influences and many different performances inside of him. Any good songs we’re missing? Any you would like to see in the future? Not that I can ring him out, but out of curiosity, obviously.

5 – Thom Yorke and Bjork – I’ve Seen It All

This song was nominated for an Oscar. If you’ve seen Bjork’s outfits, chances are she wore something fucking weird. This song is a bit of back and forth between the singers, and is not Thom’s typical singing or song style.

4 – Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey – This Mess We’re In

This song pits 2 time Mercury Award winner PJ Harvey with Mercury Award nominee, Thom Yorke. An all-English affair.

3 – Thom Yorke and Flying Lotus – …And the World Laughs With You

Thom Yorke and dubsteb, together at last. Thom helps out on FlyLo’s debut album, and the two have a mutual love affair.

2 – Thom Yorke and UNKLE – Rabbit in Your Headlights

Co-written with DJ Shadow, Thom beautifully sings along on UNKLE’s debut album.

1 – Thom Yorke and Andy Yorke – All for the Best

The song that is the most straight-forward and most Radiohead-like is the number one selection for this list. Here, he performs with his brother, Andy – how cute.

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