Morning Music Notes – Trailer Trash Meets Elegant Symphony

Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) Wins Best Original Song at the Oscars

Who would’ve thought a song from the Muppets, essentially a children’s puppet movie, could win an Oscar? Dare to dream – as Man or Muppet (I choose muppet!), written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame, took home the prize last night. After winning, McKenzie said: “I grew up in New Zealand watching The Muppets on TV and never dreamed I’d get to work with them. I was genuinely starstruck when I finally met Kermit the Frog, but once you get to know him he’s just a normal frog – and, like many stars here, he’s shorter in real life.”

I thought the camera added pounds, not inches? Maybe it’s time to give my porn career a second go.

Is this necessary? Kid Rock to Perform with Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is in trouble, and it is turning to Kid Rock, which means it must REALLY be in trouble. Detroit native Kid Rock is teaming up with the DSO for an event on May 12 to raise money for the DSO, which needs a life line (read: cash injection) (via Detroit Free Press). Tickets are priced out of the market for the trailer dwelling fans that Kid Rock has carefully cultivated, as they will be $100-$350 with higher-priced VIP packages expected to go up to $1,500, including admission to an post-concert party.

UK Festival Attendance Expected to Decline in 2012; US Concert Revenue Did Decline in 2011

Less than a third (1/3 as a fraction!) of those who attended a UK festival in 2011 plan on going to a UK music festival this year, while half did not expect to go to one at all (via NME). The YouGov Sixth Sense Music Festival Report also noted that one in five had yet to make a decision. A third of the 1000 people surveyed complained that the cost was too much, and 5 percent said festivals are poor value for money. The absence of Glastonbury in 2012 could contribute to the lack of festival attendees – was the survey done in the Glastonbury area?

Meanwhile, ticket monopolists in the USA, Live Nation, suffered a fourth quarter decline in revenue compared to 2010 (via Hypebot). Concert revenue dropped from $790 million to $694 million (12.1%) from the same period in 2010. However, ticketing revenue was up by $18 million or 6%. So does this mean that less people bought over-priced t-shirts?

Listen! Spiritualized – Hey Jane

There’s a new track from Spiritualized’s Sweet Heart Sweet Light that you can listen to on this Monday (and technically any other day you visit this page). The song is nearly nine minutes, and I drank 3 beers before it finished – how many can you throw back? Get your beers ready and listen to Hey Jane by Spiritualized.

Spiritualized ‘Hey Jane’ by Spiritualized

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