Listen! 13 minute version of DoYaThing; plus Andre 3000 Says No OutKast Albums Planned

Just yesterday, we got to hear the new song, DoYaThing, by Gorillaz/Andre 3000/LCD Soundsystem (apologies for fucking up and posting the wrong file). Today, the song has an expanded version – more than triple the length of the original. I guess when you have 3 brains and too many ideas, you end up with a 13 minute song. You can listen to this version over at 107.7 The End.

The rapid fire, clever verse that Andre 3000 kicks out in the song has many clamouring (yes, clamouring) for a new OutKast album. Andre 3000 recently told GQ that there are currently no plans for another OutKast album (via Consequence of Sound). Andre says he enjoys guest appearances on songs and being challenged by new artists. I guess it’s time to unleash the PeteHatesMusic rapper on the world!

Andre has also said that his solo album should hopefully come out this year, but he’s not too sure. “The biggest fear is me thinking about it too much — and that’s why I’m just trying to catch the energy just like I’ve done before.” Once Andre is done catching the energy, we’ll have that solo album. If he catches some more energy, it’ll be a new OutKast album.

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    […] between Gorillaz, Andre 3000, and James Murphy was released. Reviews were generally positive, and a 13-minute extended version also saw the […]