Watch! Danielle Duval – Ambulance

Danielle Duval is a Montreal-based indie artist who is about to release her debut album, Of the Valley. The album features a duet with Jason Collett from Broken Social Scene, returning the favour for her contribution to his song, Bitch City, which is where all my ex-girlfriends must come from. Danielle also had her cover version of You’re the One That I Want (women will know this from Grease, men will not know this at all) featured in the raunchy TV show, Californication. On a related note, David Duchovny does not age.

Preamble aside, let me get to the good stuff. Danielle Duval has a video for her song, Ambulance. Check it out below, and thank the heavens that you’re not the patient in the ambulance.

Danielle Duval – Ambulance

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