Morning Music Notes – The Rich Get Richer, By Total Fluke

Two Radiohead Songs to Be Reworked as Classical Symphonies

I was hoping for opera myself. Composer Steve “Third” Reich is going to rework Radiohead songs Everything In Its Right Place and Jigsaw Falling into Place (via NME). The piece will be called Radio Rewrite (should’ve been Radio Re-Reich) and will be performed by an unlucky 13 musicians from the London Sinfonietta. Unlucky because of foolish superstitions, not unlucky because they are performing Radiohead tracks. This will take place on March 5, 2013 (over a year away!) as part of the Southbank Festival.

Found: 2 Million Pounds in a Bank Account

Who am I? Some idiot blogger I am in a Manchester band that just reformed. I am about to go on a summer headlining tour of European festivals. I went to buy milk and found out my bank account had an extra two million pounds ($3.6 million) in it! I am Mani from the Stone Roses, and I am one lucky son of a bitch (via Gigwise).

The Stone Roses bassist said he had no idea the funds had been transferred, which sounds like it could be one thing: MAFIA BLOOD MONEY! “It’s madness. I only went out to buy milk and things,” he told The Sun. “I went to the cashpoint and someone has stuck nearly 2million in while I wasn’t looking. The whole world’s gone crazy. I could have fallen over backwards when I saw the balance.”

“Lost” George Harrison Guitar Solo in Here Comes the Sun

It’s amazing how songs and music recorded decades ago can still keep turning up. The latest gem, from the Beatles vault, which tends to turn out more “lost” tracks than most bands (read: so the Beatles can milk each new generation), has found a cool version of Here Comes the Sun (via NME). George’s son Dhani made a visit to Abbey Road Studios with Beatles’ producer George Martin and his son Giles, and they discovered a discarded guitar solo from Here Comes the Sun. Most people and bands wouldn’t care about this, but with the legacy that the Beatles have, every songwriting move and chord is analyzed. Watch a clip from Living in the Material World, the Martin Scorsese documentary about George Harrison.

[youtube B1RxdeqxF-U]

Drake at the NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa

Now living 5 hours in the future! ahead of the hockey hotbed of Toronto, my hockey watching has diminished slightly. Yesterday’s NHL All-Star game was on at a reasonable start time (read: not midnight or 3:00AM), so I watched it. One of the highlights, besides the lack of defence and surplus of goals, was the musical act at the second intermission, fellow Canuck – Drake. Watch the Toronto rapper perform Headlines. How cool is it that dozens of the All-Star hockey players came back onto the ice to watch Drizzy? Answer: moderately cool.

Drake – Headlines

(via Consequence of Sound)

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  1. 2012/04/23

    […] The NHL Awards actually aren’t half bad compared to most awards shows and sports awards. Unlike basketball, which seems to randomly hand out awards during the post-season, or baseball, which announces things through the media, the NHL saves them all for one night, has the lads dressed up in suits and tuxes, and makes a decent night of it. However, the night is no longer worth looking forward to, as everyone’s favourite band, Nickelback, have been announced as the headliners at the NHL Awards show in Las Vegas in June (via Hollywood Reporter). It was bad enough that they played Nickelback during the Penguins-Flyers playoff game on NBC yesterday, since there is some partnership between the band and the NHL (or maybe NBC), but now on June 20, lucky sports fans will see them play on both CBC and NBC at the show. The hockey playoffs have been dogged with acts of violent misconduct and suspensions – pretty sure someone can take out Nickelback with a shoulder to the head, right? And if so, I’m pretty sure we’ll have someone like Drake waiting in the wings to perform. […]