Listen! Tennis – My Better Self

The Patrick-Carney produced new album from Tennis is out in the upcoming few weeks. You’ve already heard Origins and Deep in the Woods on PeteHatesMusic, while trying to minimize tennis (the sport) related puns.

You can hear one more song before deciding whether to skip your (imaginary) Valentine’s Day dinner and buy the Tennis album, Young & Old, out on February 14. Gentle vocals over a medium paced rhythm on the song actually makes for good Valentine’s Day music, you know, when you’re home alone (read: when I’m home alone).

Tennis – My Better Self

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  1. 2012/04/30

    […] have a new video off of their recent album, Young and Old. You might have heard the song, My Better Self before, but what is music without visuals? Well, it’s just music. The video has a bit of a loungy […]