Morning Music Notes – Headphones Can Kill You

Glastonbury to Go Futuristic And Consider Introducing Micro-Chip Wristbands

Huge English rock festival, Glastonbury, is taking 2012 off – namely, because they knew I was in the country and likely to cause a ruckus (insert eye-rolling emoticon). In 2013, Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis is looking to introduce micro-chips in wristbands, to eliminate ticket fraud and human privacy (via Gigwise). The thought is that this high tech wristbands will help monitor crowds, too.

“Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis was one of the promoters taking a look at the technology in action at Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Holland, and said ‘the system looks incredible, and better than what we are doing at the moment.”

Headphones Are Bad If You Like Living

We’ve heard it all before – using headphones will make you deaf, yada yada yada (I usually tune out at this point, but NOT because I can’t hear them). But now a new study shows that the number of people suffering serious injury or death while wearing headphones for electrical devices (iPods, etc) has tripled in six years (via Guardian). More and more people are walking around with their headphones on, and this has lead to them suffering injuries. Can we blame Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails for this somehow?

Data was analyzed from 2004 to 2011, and found 116 headphone-related deaths or serious injuries. Most victims were men (68%), and under 30 (67%) and wearing headphones (100% – wait, that’s a default assumption for this study). 89% of the injuries were in urban areas, and scarily, 55% of the victims were struck by trains. That must’ve been some LOUD music to not see or hear that train!

So don’t walk around and listen to your headphones while you mull over the data from this study.

Another Tribute to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Daughter: Marijuana Named After Blue Ivy

Medical marijuana stores in California have named a new strain after Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new daughter, Blue Ivy (via NME). The strain is called OG Blue Ivy, and is (obviously?) not officially approved by the parents. Busy week for Blue Ivy: pot strain named after her, debuting on the Billboard charts in daddy’s song, Glory, and, um, BEING BORN. Top that, newborns.

Watch! 19 Year Old Kanye West Rapping

The internet is a gold mine for lost footage. The last gem that has turned up is old and crappy footage of Kanye West rapping when he was 19 (via Stereogum). The footage is apparently from 1996 and shot in Chicago (the latter phrase usually referring to bullets and not video). On the bright side, Kanye has improved! Give the vintage video a watch below.

[youtube uq5DHdbarDQ]

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