How to Increase The Price is Right Cool Factor: Add Snoop Dogg

The Price is Right, or is that The Prizzle is Rizzle, started its charity week with rap/marijuana guru Snoop Dogg (via The Hollywood Reporter). Each ‘regular’ contestant of the American game show gets assistance from a celebrity, and the show matches the prize winnings to a charity of the celebrity’s choice. Seeing as Snoop Dogg likely hasn’t paid less than $50,000 for a couch in the past 20 years, I’m not sure how well he’ll be at pricing items in the Showcase Showdown. Check out some footage below and see how well he did (hint: pretty good). Gotta love Snoop telling a middle class chick that salad dressing doesn’t cost more than $2.

[youtube Dk0dOvoGRaU]

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