How to Piss Off Some Fans: Put a Naked Woman Next to a Cross

French duo, Justice, have just released Audio, Video, Disco. Their classic image is that of the cross, which goes with them on tour, as well as is the name and imagery from their first album. So for the second single (On ‘n On) off of their second album, they used the cross – and a naked woman. Apparently the artwork angered a lot of people (via Pitchfork). Who DOESN’T like naked women?!

Ed Banger Records’ Pedro Winter wrote this statement on the label’s Facebook page:

“For some reasons, some of our “fans” complained about the nude girl on the Justice new single cover…. Facebook deleted the photo and sent me some warnings emails… Let’s play a new game my friends, please oh please stop following us, let’s get less fans, we don’t need you here. It’s time to make a choice, if you don’t trust us, you should not waste your time with such a shitty label right ? To the other ones, those who are following us since day one, those discovering us now, let’s stay strong, ED REC is soon 9 years old, thanx to you.”

Is it a big deal?

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  1. 2012/01/20

    […] I might’ve had a few beers, on an unrelated note). Watch the video below, and note that the recent controversy over the naked girl on the artwork didn’t deter them from showing off some lady bits in this […]