Make Your Ears Happy: The Black Keys – Run Right Back

I keep checking my calendar everyday to see how close we are until the release date of the new Black Keys album, El Camino. Unfortunately, I lost my calendar, and my sun dial sort of tells me the time, but more accurately tells me if it’s night or day. I’ve gathered that it’s presently day time, and that the Black Keys album is out on December 6.

The first single was Lonely Boy, which featured a pretty awesome video. The b-side to the track is called Run Right Back, and is released to indie record stores on November 25. You can stream a radio rip of the song over at Listen Before You Buy.

The twitter reviews are generally positive, as shown below. Also below is the way I want to dance at clubs video for Lonely Boy, in case you have not seen it yet.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
[youtube a_426RiwST8]

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