Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad Murray, Found Guilty

He’s bad, he’s bad, you know it – this is not “exactly” what the jury said at the Michael Jackson trial today. They did say that doctor Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter (via MTV).

“The prosecution brought a long list of medical experts and emergency-room doctors to the stand to testify that Murray had not followed proper procedure in dealing with Jackson when the singer was in distress on the morning of June 25, 2009. They also presented evidence that the care Murray provided for Jackson in the weeks and months leading up to that fateful morning were substandard or outside the bounds of legal and ethical requirements. The witnesses concluded that Murray lacked the proper monitoring equipment to administer the surgical anesthetic propofol to Jackson, an off-label use of the intravenously delivered drug that was reportedly employed to help chronic insomniac Jackson get to sleep.”

“Investigators found that Murray ordered nearly 4 gallons of propofol in his treatment regimen for Jackson and administered the drug inside the singer’s rented home, a practice that all the prosecution experts said was unheard of. Jurors also heard testimony about how Murray left Jackson’s bedroom for a period after providing him with propofol and spent his time making calls and sending texts to a former girlfriend. When he realized Jackson was in distress, Murray gave the pop star CPR on a bed, a decision that also deviated from the suggested method requiring a hard surface under the patient.”

“Murray was additionally faulted for waiting more than 20 minutes to call 911, not keeping proper records and failing to tell the paramedics and ER doctors that he had given Jackson propofol.”

MJ’s death stunned the world just over 2 years ago, ahead of his comeback residency in London, England. With new material in the works, and a documentary that showed Michael regaining his moves, people are left wondering what Jackson had left in the tank and what else would’ve happened in his life and career. A few more child molestation trials were always a good bet.

Michael Jackson – Bad
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