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Tributes to the late Steve Jobs

I guess if you invent a product that nearly everyone uses everyday, you will get a lot of positive words following your death. Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple, passed away at the young age of 56 last night. He was the brains behind revolutionary Apple ideas, such as iTunes, the iPod (heard of it?), the iPhone (addicted to it?), and was the first man on the moon. Okay, that last part might not true – Wikipedia lies, be careful!

Jobs had a public battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer and had taken several medical leaves of absence to fight his disease. He even stepped down as CEO of Apple this past summer. Tuesday’s iPhone 4S announcement was the first major announcement in many years not to be led by Jobs himself.

Excellent career spanning obituary from the New York Times
Billboard has quotes from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech ninjas
Quotes from rockers Trent Reznor, Coldplay, and Blink 182 are posted via NME

Although I have faith Apple is in good hands and continue to push boundaries, it is sad to know that we lost many revolutionary ideas last night, and that Steve Jobs won’t be around to introduce them to us.

Danger Mouse’s Fake Film Soundtrack Inspires Real Film

Superstar producer, Danger Mouse, recently teamed with Daniele Luppi for an album called Rome. The idea behind the album was that it was a movie soundtrack. Interesting thing is, there was no film – it was just a soundtrack for whatever movie they had in their head. Drugs might have been used at the studio. The album is pretty good, and features Jack White and Norah Jones. But now, a film is being made, inspired by the album for the soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist (via Guardian). I don’t know if I’m supposed to be excited or confused.

The film is being done by Chris Milk (inventor of Milk). If you haven’t heard of Milk, you need a better diet – ha! Milk created the innovative video for We Used to Wait by the Arcade Fire. If you didn’t ‘interact’ with this video, what happened was you would enter your postal code, and the video would use Google Earth to show you pictures of your home town. Milk has also directed conventional videos for Kanye West, Modest Mouse and Gnarls Barkley.

Now, Chris Milk is to make a film based on a science-fiction novel by Alden Bell. Milk’s film is reportedly an adaptation of Bell’s 2010 novel, The Reapers Are the Angels. It is the story of a girl “born into a post-apocalyptic world who must survive by her wits while finding moments of simple joy”. But producers claim this is more than a movie: they are planning an “interactive narrative” across “multiple media platforms”.

I guess they have the movie’s soundtrack already in the bag.

New Noel Gallagher Video – for UK and Ireland Residents Only

Noel Gallagher has shot an amazing video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ new single ‘AKA… What A Life!’ (via

“The video was co-directed by Mike Bruce and Blake West, who worked with Noel on the video for ‘The Death Of You And Me’. Filmed in California, Arizona and New Mexico, the video features an outrageous performance by actor / comedian Russell Brand.

‘AKA… What A Life!’ is out now in the UK on digital download through Noel’s Sour Mash Records label. The single will also be released as a digital bundle on Sunday October 16th, CD and 7″ on Monday October 17th and features the exclusive b-side track ‘Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me’. The digital bundle also includes the video. Fans in the UK and Ireland can check out the eight minute extended version.”

For those of us in North America – no video – yet. Thanks for taking a dump on our collective heads, Noel.

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