Morning Music Notes – Back to Life, Back to Reality

A big round of applause for our guest editor ‘rich’, doing his second stint as Morning (or Afternoon….or Evening) Music Notes. For me, it’s back to life, back to reality, as I have returned from a week in the Caribbean. Time to get to it.

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Big Week for Radiohead

No, Radiohead didn’t have a big sales week. Well, not that we know yet. But they did storm New York City, playing on several late night TV shows, and a couple of gigs as well. There were also rumours of them appearing on Wall Street as part of the protests (note: PHM did NOT start the rumours….). The rumours were started as a hoax, with someone pretending to be Radiohead’s manager and letting the protest leaders know of their appearance (via the Guardian). Never trust email!

“Dear Occupiers,” began the email to NYC General Assembly, the leaders of the demonstrations in New York’s financial distrct. “My name is Bryce Edge, and I’m one of the managers for the band Radiohead. The guys are really impressed with what you have managed to pull off, and they wanted to stop by and play a couple songs in support before leaving New York. I don’t want to create a big media circus that might worry the police or endanger what you’ve built … [but] they have some unscheduled time Friday afternoon between 4 and 6, would that work? I read that the police aren’t allowing sound equipment, but they could do acoustic.”

The proposal seemed plausible: Bryce Edge is indeed one of Radiohead’s three managers; the band were in New York for a series of gigs and TV appearances; and the group are well-known for the kind of anti-corporate rhetoric that festoons placards at Zuccotti Park. After corresponding a little more with the fraudulent Radiohead rep, organisers announced: “Radiohead will play a surprise show for #occupywallstreet today at four in the afternoon.” Supporters in the hacker group Anonymous endorsed the gig, promising a video stream of the concert.”

Of course, none of this happened, since it was all a prank. Radiohead were forced to comment – they should’ve ACTUALLY shown up – and denied any planned appearance.

Listen to a New Noel Gallagher Track

With the release date of Noel Gallagher’s solo debut album fast approaching, time to start saving those pennies. The audio of a non-album track has been released and is now available for download. You can listen to the track, Alone on the Rope, now. Although I haven’t heard the Noel album yet, anyone else wish this track was on the album?!

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Alone on the Rope
[youtube 3VekcdXxtzU]

Reunited and It Feels So Good

The Beatles have reunited! Ignore the fact half of them are dead, and that we are left with Ringo as one of the 2. Poor Ringo. Unfortunately the reunion was in person, and did not involve music – still counts! Sir Paul and Ringo both attended the premiere of Martin Scorcese’s George Harrison bio-pic, George Harrison: Living In The Material World (via the Telegraph).

‘Sir Paul told the BBC the event had brought back lots of ”fond memories”.

He said of Harrison: ”He was my little mate on the school bus when he was very little. And we were both very little, mind you. But it does bring back a lot of fond memories. He is a lovely boy and he is sorely missed by us all.”

More Thom Yorke News! Details about New Atoms for Peace Album

A few weeks ago, it was unveiled that Thom Yorke’s side project, Atoms for Peace, is going to release a second album. The first album was a solo effort, called The Eraser, but Thom recruited some scrubs – ever heard of Flea – to fill out the live setting. It appears they are in tow for the second album’s studio version. Flea told Rolling Stone:

“At the end of the tour we went into a studio for three days and just jammed – totally improvising. Thom and Nigel [Godrich] have taken that stuff and done shit with it. I’ve heard little bits and pieces. I have no idea when it’s going to come out. Not real soon though.”

“I kind of feel like it’s not really my place to talk about that stuff, the mystery should be the mystery,” he added. “I just have a warm place in my heart and my mind and my balls for the whole fucking concept.”

So there you have it – Radiohead are playing Wall Street, and the Atoms for Peace album is coming out soon. And Bloc Party aren’t splitting up. Silly internet.

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