Make Your Ears Happy: Real Estate – Green Aisles

In the mood for a little poppy music on a Friday to celebrate the upcoming weekend? Look no further than Real Estate, a psychedelic pop band from New Jersey (watch out, Bon Jovi!). They released their self titled debut 2 years ago, and are about to return with their second record, Days, on October 18. You can listen to a song from this album below.

Real Estate – Green Aisles
Real Estate – Green Aisles by DominoRecordCo

Friday Bonus! Watch the video for It’s Real if you liked the above track.

Real Estate – It’s Real

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  1. 2012/01/10

    […] you listened to the lovely pop song, Green Aisles by Real Estate, previously posted on PeteHatesMusic. The gang have returned with a new music video, and it must be funny, as it’s been hosted on […]