Morning Music Notes – U2, PJ, TIFF, FF = OMG!

U2 Documentary Premieres at TIFF

Last night was the kick-off of the Toronto International Film Festival, or as acronym lovers and the lazy call it – TIFF. The opening movie was not a Canadian movie as usual, but a documentary about some Irish band U2. The documentary, From the Sky Down, was directed by David Guggenheim and premiered at Roy Thomson Hall. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“We are very protective of our privacy and particularly the creative process, not just because we’re precious — which we are — but just because it’s not that pretty,” Bono said, about U2’s struggle to get back its creative mojo.

“The old adage about people wouldn’t want to eat a hot dog if they knew what went into the sausage applied to U2’s success, Bono insisted.”

“We got some sausages and mash coming up, ladies and gentlemen,” he added, with fellow band member The Edge at his side.”

“For his part, Guggenheim peered into the cavernous Roy Thomson Hall before telling the Toronto audience: “Did anyone tell you that it’s a documentary?”

Google’s Cloud Service Now Available on Your iPad and iPhone

This news is irrelevant to point with an Android, but since that applies to no one (kidding!), I thought we should mention that the Google Cloud service is coming to an iPad near you (via Slashgear).

“Google struggled with securing licensing deals with major record label companies, causing several delays, and ultimately decided to launch it without much music industry support. Hence, Google Music operates similar to Amazon’s Cloud Player as a digital locker for mp3s rather than a fully integrated music sales and streaming service. It is still in a fairly limited invitation-only beta. And although the service now works on iOS devices, it is accessed through a redesigned web site rather than a native app. It does allow it to work on both iPhones and iPads, whereas Amazon’s CloudPlayer only works on iPads.”

I hate accessing stuff through the web instead of an app! Fix that….or else.

What You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Bands still make the late night rounds, hitting up Letterman, Conan, and Jimmy Fallon as part of album and film promotions. Last night, two 90s heavy hitters were on shows. Pearl Jam was on Jimmy Fallon, debuting the song Olé (can you say New Soccer Anthem?!) and talking about their new documentary (also playing at TIFF), while the Foo Fighters were on Conan, playing Walk, and doing an interview. You can watch all of it below – if you can figure out how the play button works.

Pearl Jam – Olé

Foo Fighters – Interview

Foo Fighters – Walk
, O

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