Watch: Weezer’s Best Cover Songs

I love when I’m at a concert and a band pulls out a cover song. Not just any cover song, but one that another current band has as a single, or even from another genre. It can be part homage, part joke, part mood. While at Lollapalooza several years ago, and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley was all the rage, it was covered at least 4 times over the weekend.

Weezer are a band that like to do a lot of cool covers. Cynics might say it is because they haven’t written a great album since Pinkerton. Others will say that they are a fun loving, topical band. What other band would host a rock festival cruise, or do a touring hootenanny (?!) inviting others to play with them? Back in 1998, Weezer even used the pseudonym Goat Punishment to play two secret shows in Los Angeles, consisting of mainly Nirvana and Oasis covers. Below is a compilation of some of the best Weezer covers. Anything missing?

Weezer – Kids (original: MGMT) and Poker Face (original: Lady Gaga)
[youtube a_8GNaEVCPU]

Weezer – Paranoid Android (original: Radiohead)
[youtube 4nTo8rjo-lM]

Weezer – Pumped Up Kicks (original: Foster the People)
[youtube P0D0M84oSk0]

Weezer – Creep (original: Radiohead)
[youtube 6LloyIK72UA]

Weezer – Viva La Vida (original: Coldplay)
[youtube abPeajnuPZk]

Weezer – Breed (original: Nirvana)
[youtube Ys-qRAZ4oUQ]

Weezer – Big Me (original: Foo Fighters)
[youtube oJuu2RfckyE]

Weezer – Aneurysm (original: Nirvana)
[youtube mNFSrJSR9Ec]

Bonus! Weezer being covered by the Deftones?! Check out Say It Ain’t So
[youtube tzMeNuTAKCM]

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    […] better about 10+ years ago. The band are familiar with group music sessions, having launched both hootenannies and a cruise, and want another such event – a Weezer camp (via […]